The Dowry of Fatıma

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Whenever his daughter, Fatıma, entered the room, Prophet Mohammad is said to stand up, kiss her face and give his seat to her. There was a great affection between them. To me, Mother Fatıma is the sacred feminine in the Islamic tradition and unfortunately she is not being understood as she deserves. The values she represents are long forgotten.

You can transform a culture through its symbols. By creating this brand, The dowry of Fatima, my intention is to breathe the feminine soul into the Islamic tradition and lifestyle.


What is in the dowry of Fatıma?

  • Crafting feminine ritual objects to be used for prayer sessions such as prayer beads, mats, clothes etc, both for men and women.
  • Designing objects and clothes to be used for the celebrations and different thresholds we pass through in our lives.
  • What can be facilitated with the spirit of mother Fatima?

    Wedding ceremonies

    Rites of passages for women and men

    Any ceremony that is called for

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